List of Customer Use Cases

How Clients Use Our Data API

We keep an up-to-date list of the most interesting ways you can use our data and API service. 

Optimize and Improve Firewalls

  • Check IPs for cyber-related activity.
  • Automatically blacklist IPs with observed cyber threats.
  • Create rulesets around types of malicious cyber threats and IPs.
  • Analyze behavior and predict threat issues.

Protect AWS Web Servers from Malicious Traffic

  • Detect IPs with cyber threats via AWS Lambda and Musubu API
  • Use lambda to automatically add bad IPs to AWS WAF block list

Personalize Web or Mobile App Experiences

  • Show tailored content based on user locations.
  • Target ads to specific user locations.
  • Do location-based A/B testing of products and content.
  • Promote hyper-local content and events.
  • Alert users to content and info based on their location.

Limit or Control Access to Company Assets

  • Block clients based on malicious network activity.
  • Control access from certain locations (GDPR access control).
  • Identify suspicious activity immediately.
  • Programmatically create blacklists.
  • Block access to restricted content.

SIEM Integration for Immediate Cyber Response

  • Identify and monitor network security events.
  • Reduce response time to cyber threats across networks.
  • Focus on quicker containment and remediation.
  • Instantly alert security personnel to malicious activity.
  • Build a single operational picture across enterprise.

Secure B2B and Consumer APIs

  • Measure and monitor API connection activity.
  • Control or block access to malicious clients and data.
  • Limit access to APIs from certain locations.
  • Inform partners of security threats to their networks.
  • Enhance API features and functions.

Secure Mobile Apps and Web Browsing

  • Alert your users to risky web sites.
  • Prevent apps from contacting dangerous APIs.
  • Block potentially malicious file uploads.
  • Control access by location or threat level.
  • Monitor and measure app usage by network and location.

Enrich, Secure CRMs and Customer Data Sets

  • Let sales users know about potentially malicious leads.
  • Map leads by location and usage.
  • Blacklist leads before they hit the CRM.
  • Map customers and leads by technology and location.
  • Eliminate duplicate form submissions.

Endpoint Security Scanning

  • Perform regular network surveys for suspicious IP data.
  • Check other APIs your network contacts for threats.
  • Check websites your network contacts for possible threats.
  • Monitor outgoing traffic from your network or apps.

Digital Advertising and Marketing

  • Digital ad targeting by location
  • Content marketing targeting by location